Love assignment

| September 23, 2015

Love assignment

Where does love come from? In this assignment, you will describe and apply five different theories that attempt to answer this question:
o    Behavioral reinforcement
o    Cognitive
o    Physiological
o    Evolutionary
o    Biological

To demonstrate your understanding of each of these theories of love, you can choose ONE of the following to submit:

1. Imagine you work for the local newspaper and have been asked to create a “Love Questionnaire” that will help someone know if they are really “in love”! You will need to ask 5 questions to assess each of the 5 theories of love. The questions on your questionnaire should be logically connected to the theory. For example, for the physiological theory, I might ask, “When you imagine your love interest, does your heart rate speed up?” Your questionnaire should have a total of 25 questions.


2. Imagine that you are a romance novelist. Write a brief story line involving a budding romance between two individuals for each of the five theories of love. How would the romance start out and play out differently for the couple based on each theory? Your story lines should be logically connected to each theory. Your final work should have a total of 5 story lines.

To submit your assignment, click on the Love Assignment link below. Please ensure your assignment is in either .doc or .docx format.


This assignment is worth 20 points. It is due by 11:59 p.m Sunday night of Week 5. Late work is not accepted for any reason. Your score is based on:
1.    Accuracy and logical connection of each of the five theories to the Questionnaire OR Story Lines:

1.    Behavioral reinforcement (4 points)
2.    Cognitive (4 points)
3.    Physiological (4 points)
4.    Evolutionary (4 points)
5.    Biological (4 points)

2.    APA style references and spelling & grammar. Failure to correctly cite sources will result in a 10% grade reduction. Failure to proofread will result in a 10% grade reduction.

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