Losing Weight by Switching to Fat-Free Chips

| January 30, 2015

Losing Weight by Switching to Fat-Free Chips

The fake fat olestra passes through the body undigested, and thus adds zero calorie to the diet. Although foods cooked with olestra taste pretty good, they may cause abdominal discomfort and the long-term effects are unknown. A 1-oz (28.3-g) serving of regular potato chips has 10 g of fat and 150 Calories, whereas 1 oz of the so-called fat-free chips fried in olestra has only 75 Calories. Consider a person who eats 1 oz of regular potato chips every day at lunch without gaining or losing any weight. Determine how much weight this person will lose in one year if he or she switches to fat-free chips (Fig. 4–44).


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