Long-Term Detention

| March 16, 2014

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The primary forms of long-term detention are boot camps, ranches, forestry camps, training schools, reception, and diagnostic centers.
Unlike their short-term counterparts, which are designed to house youths for a couple of weeks, long-term detention typically provides housing for delinquent youths for thirty days or longer.
Prepare a brief report on the points mentioned below and document your sources.
• Describe the forms of detention facilities available in your state (San Diego, California). Are they publicly or privately run? Give reasons for your answer.
• Explain whether these detention facilities offer any special training or education. Give reasons for your answer.
• Describe whether these detention facilities cater to a specific type of delinquent youth. Give reasons for your answer.
• Indicate how long these detention facilities have been in operation.
• Summarize any statistics that these detention facilities offer to describe their effectiveness in meeting their organization goals. Explain whether these goals reach the expectations defined by the organizations.
Your paper should include your research on the points of the long-term sanctioning options available in your state. (San Diego, California)
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Juvenile Probation
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