Logical Fallacies quizz

| November 26, 2015


Match the following terms:

Millions of people have already purchased a pair of Soporific’s Ultimate Illusion driving glasses; shouldn’t you?

If we don’t seal the borders now, we will all be speaking Spanish by this time next year!

This morning I woke to find a black dog on my lawn. I got into a car wreck on my way into work this morning. Stupid dog.

I know you’re looking for a good car, but don’t buy one from that guy. He never graduated high school A. Ad Hominem B. Faulty Causality C. Bandwagon Appeals D. Slippery Slope


QUESTION 2 Using logical fallacies is a good way to convince people that you are qualified to speak on a given topic True False


QUESTION 3 One of the best ways to convince a reader to take your ideas into consideration is by appealing to their values True False


QUESTION 4 When I write, it is a good idea just to worry about my own needs; there will be plenty of people who will agree with me anyway True False


QUESTION 5 Match the following terms: I think coffee is bad for people, and that’s that. I don’t care what you have to say about the subject. Do you want a mayor who is soft on crime? No! So vote for me! If those protesters loved their country, they wouldn’t question the government. Either you decide that you can afford this stereo, or you decide you are going to do without music for a while. A. The Straw Man B. Either-Or Choice C. Dogmatism D. Non Sequitur

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use of technology

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