Locate two articles that address the same current political issue/event.

| March 15, 2014

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1. As the title for this assignment, provide the full MLA citation for both articles (you will need to list them again on the works cited page).
2. The first paragraph should summarize the main issue(s) in each article, so that the audience will know what the discussion in the media is about.
3. The majority of your essay will:
4. Identify and analyze the bias/ ideological "spin" in each article. This effort will require additional research using scholarly sources that are to be documented on a works cited page.
5. Engage in a discussion on how both a Conservative and a Liberal perspective could apply to the events / issues discussed in the articles.
6. Demonstrate your understanding of the issues/events and how ideological perspectives have shaped the news.
7. Include a discussion around your personal position on the issue (pro, con, indifferent).
8. Clearly state how you think the issue can best be addressed, without using first person tones.
9. Why do you feel the issue should be handled in a particular way? Make a recommendation based on your findings.
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