Literature review on the spread of chikungunya virus in the Pacific Islands

| May 20, 2015

Masters level literature review of 2000-2500 words about the spread of chikungunya virus to the Pacific Islands as part of a Tropical Medicine unit. Objective include:

Analyze the emerging burden of chikungunya virus disease in the Pacific region

Identify the microbiological, entomological and parasitic agents underlying these tropical diseases

Critically examine and evaluate methods of diagnosis, management and prevention of tropical diseases of global importance (i.e. to the World Health Organization

A suggested outline:

Title – self-explanatory title should be used

Abstract – preferably structured
Background to issue

Objectives of the review-define the topic

Brief description of the methods of the review-collect the material (have clear criteria for what material is to be


Results of the literature review (many journals use a table to summarise the main journal articles being

reviewed or that meet the criteria)

Discussion – analyse the findings (Sub-headings usually defined by topic)




Remember tables/figures can SAVE A 1000 WORDS and LIGHTEN THE LOAD on the reader!!

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