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| March 11, 2014

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Please not that this paper has two parts. The first part is all about writing a literature review on any one of these mental illness/disorder that you find comfortable to do. (1) Social anxiety disorder (2) Generalized anxiety disorder (3)Major depressive disorder, (4) schizophrenia. please choose anyone that you feel you have more information on.
Please not that the DSM V must be your number source in describing the disorder you choose. In this part, you are required to do the introduction, literature review, the symptoms and causes, controversial issues, treatment and resources (please consider using resources around Calgary area) and conclusion. (Wikipedia can give you a guide on subheadings) I will also send you an example of this paper via email.
You are required to use six (6) academic references I.e(articles, journals, and textbooks) and any other six Making it 12. Please not that DSM V must be your no 1 reference.
This part 1 of this paper should be around 8 pages with the reference page. (in-text citation is a must.) APA.
This part of the paper should be sent to me as soon as it is finished.
The part 2 of the paper is to get a book (I.e. A personal autobiography of a person who experienced of passed through the disorder you discussed in the literature review and conduct a psycho-social assessment on that person. I will send you an example to make it more clearer.
In this part, the DSM V and the autobiography book will be your major source of reference.
There are many of these books online please google them and and find ways to have access to the one you want.
I will send you other information you might need via the email. Please endeavor to be very accurate 100% in your APA.
This part of the paper is also 7 pages
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