literature review

| September 28, 2015

Your literature review helps narrow your research to specific questions or hypotheses you want to examine. The literature review summarizes what is known about the topic. It does not simply summarize different sources, but rather puts them all together into a coherent whole. It concludes with a specific question or hypothesis that you want to examine. In Literature Review, you start with an introduction of the topic and why it is important, and then you discuss what questions and approaches others have used. In response to what has been done previously, you propose what questions or hypotheses you want to study and determine your own approach. Below is a list of major scholarly public administration journals, including nonprofit studies. Administration and Society* Administrative Theory & Praxis American Review of Public Administration* Governance International Journal of Public Administration Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory Journal of Public Affairs Education Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly Nonprofit Management and Leadership Nonprofit Quarterly Policy Studies Journal Public Administration Quarterly Public Administration Review* Public Budgeting & Finance Publius (focus on federalism) Review of Public Personnel Administration (human res. focus) State & Local Government Review

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