literature critique

| March 26, 2015

actually i have some points from my discussion with my colleagues , maybe helpful about assignment,.
this article is qualitative study
– title and abstract stated and clear
-paricipants in this study 22 but all of them female ?WHY MALE EXCLUDE
and 50% african-american, 31%caucasian and 4% HISPANIC SO 15% ? WHERE
-HOW ABOUT their understanding of English language maybe ther is barrier so no accurate result and all of undergraduate student.
– did someone explain to them how questions will be. and do u think thats five question will give accurate result.?
– why we choise open and end question why researcher not give them multiple answers to choice?
– why he didnt choice quantitative methods may be accurate more than qualitatie?
– he modified the collecting data approch used by crist and tanner in that student were requsted to respond in writing to the open-
ended questions rather than verbally recount (but this good point from researcher and approach of collecting data could be modified
according to our text book page 128)
– data analyze 2 doctoral for analyse data is there dis agreement? ALSO, he follow 4 phase as written
– bias mentor from the same university
– in implication part
3 paragraph mentioned this study not generalized some recommendation from researcher (he said further researcher need efficacy of
group)is alimitation of study
– how finding relate to theory?
student who leave program no exit interview?
– about the 3 question that also their answers will be included
• The paradigm with which the research methodology employed in the article is aligned ? ( my opinion interpretive?
• The quality of the journal in which the article is published?
( peer review journal —— also we need to wrie about impact factor of journal—— JCR- SJR RANKING– IS IT CREDIBLE OR NO——?
• The standing of the authors of the article?

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