Literary criticism of "Oedipus the King" by Sophocles translation by Fitts and Fitzgerald

| March 21, 2015

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Use MLA format, and double space.6 full pages (not counting works cited page), and use at least five credible sources to support your thesis driven essay. When I say thesis driven, I mean that you should assert in the first paragraph what aspect of the work or theme you will be exploring. What is the work about, or what does it say to you? Identifying the theme of the short story/poem/drama you are writing about is your thesis. In the body of the paper, make specific references to the text by either quoting or paraphrasing it, and also try to include your sources enough but not overuse them. Make it a goal to cite each critic at least twice within your paper (parenthetical citation). Very important: to help find good sources it is ok to Use the databases available, such as MLA, JSTOR, and Literature Resource Center. Remember that I asked for credible sources, so be sure that your source is a respected critic. Also, your essays must be literary criticisms on a literary text, not history papers or biographical papers.


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Summary and Critique


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