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| February 15, 2014

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The main point of the paper is to choose any 3 short stories of O Henry and write about them
introduction = author, historical and social climate – literary background – narrow down the work you wish to discuss – thesis (( should draw the pattern))
body 1 – short summary of the story
body 2 – analysis
body 1 short summery of the story
body 2 analysis
body 1 short summary of the story
body 2 analysis
conclusion – restate and don’t add a new idea
important items do not forgot to include but not all of them once
just some of them should be mentioned because it is a literary paper
character = antp – protagonist – static – dynamic
irony = verbal – situational – dramatic
plot – causality = one event which leads to another event – foreshadowing – conflicts – suspense – exposition – rising action – resolution – crisis
description = metaphor – simile – personification
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What role does writing play for Thomas Schell? Why is it important that he writes his letters to his son that he never met? Why is it important that he does not send them?
How does the characters in the story of UNCLE VANYA are so miserable or the wasted lives, impossible love, and estrangement they feel from those around them?


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