Literary Analysis Research and Summary

This assignment is designed to give you a little more practice on doing library research and, more specifically, research for your literary analysis. By now you should have read over the assignment for the Literary Analysis essay and you have hopefully started thinking about what you’d like to write your analysis on. Remember that for the final Literary Analysis, you will pick one or more of the stories you have read or will read in the final modules of this course to explore in depth and breadth one of the themes you find in the literature. For this assignment, I want you to go out and try to find one essay/article written about the story (or stories) and/or the theme you have chosen for your final Literary Analysis. If you haven’t chosen a story/theme for your final Literary Analysis yet, then just search for an essay/article written about “The Little Mermaid”. Find an essay/article in the library or by using the library databases. DO NOT find an article using Google or any other web source outside of the library databases! This includes Wikipedia. If you select a website or other document that you found from simply doing a Google search, you will receive a zero for this assignment. Submit a copy of your essay/article here and, in a separate .rtf file, write a brief, 1-2 page summary of the essay/article. Include in this summary a description of the main thesis of this essay/article (what is the author/s trying to argue?) and some explanation of how you could use this essay/article to help bolster your own Literary Analysis essay. To reiterate, you will be submitting TWO files here: 1) a copy of the essay/article you have found; 2) an .rtf file containing your summary of the essay/article.