Literacy is Power

| August 18, 2015

Journal_Task_7.doc Journal Task 7 BRING THIS TO CLASS IN WEEK 12 • Choose a scholarly article or book chapter related to your essay question The question choice is as follows: im interested in the literacy is power one as I need to write a major essay soon , on one of these, can you pick one that you can ace this journal which would have academic sources? Please let me know of topic choice Critically analyse one of the following: • English is an imperial language. • Literacy is power – are you able to do this one? • Political correctness has revolutionised the English Language. • English has been referred to as a ‘bastardised’ language’. • Write 1x 250 word paragraph in which you o Summarise the key arguments o Criticially analyse the author’s position • Focus on writing a good topic sentence with a controlling idea Must have a topic ,topic sentence and controlling idea The sources must be really academic and professional Must be written in academic format as it a very academic subject The source must be very academic. It must follow this paragraph template: Structured Paragraph Writing Task Using the documents “Structuring a Paragraph” and “Templates for Constructing a More Effective Argument”, follow the instructions below to complete the task. The purpose of the task is to write a complete paragraph. This is to be comprised of 5 steps covering the headings: What are you talking about?; Please explain!; How do you know?; Analyse this!; and So what?. You can use this as a guide for Journal Task 7 and, therefore, you should be writing a paragraph in response to the essay question. You should seek to develop one point completely in this paragraph. 1. Topic Sentence – highlight the controlling idea. 2. Please Explain – use one of the templates supplied in your response. Highlight the template. 3. How do you know? – use one of the templates to introduce the quotation or paraphrasing; use one of the templates to introduce something assumed or implied. Highlight the templates you have used. 4. Analyse this – use at least one of the templates under “Taking a Position”. Highlight the templates that you use. So what? – answer the question in your own words. Apply one of the templates from this section or one of the transition words from the table. Highlight the templates or transition words. Marking criteria: I have attached in a different document

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