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| May 19, 2015

Papers should answer the questions below. Organization and development of your ideas, and the quality of your writing: sentence construction, grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. You are asked to keep a listening diary and then answer the questions. The text is required for this assignment. Use page 1 numbers from the 11th edition, so they may vary depending on the edition you are using. Please write out each number followed by your answer to the item.


First, keep a listening diary for four hours. During that time you want to experience different listening situations. Please include at least one conversation with a friend or family member. That conversation can be in person or by phone or Skype. Please include at least one class situation. The other situations are up to you. You can keep track of the listening tasks you engage in during the four hours. Over the course of that time period you were probably engaged in informational, critical, or supportive listening (pp. 143-159). Important: the situation must be current as it is difficult to recreate what happened in the past making the assignment less effective.


  1. Briefly explain or describe the circumstances or the situations you were in during the time you kept your listening diary. You do not need to include the actual listening diary.
  2. What was your dominant personal listening style during that time period? (Page 141 content, people, action, or time-oriented.) Give examples.
  3. What types of faulty ineffective listening did you engage in? Are those typical of your listening behavior? (Pages 136-140.) Identify the types and give examples from your behavior.
  4. What were the reasons for your poor listening behavior? Please use the terms from the text and give examples.
  5. How does the text define informational listening? Did you engage in informational listening? Please explain the informational listening you did. Which techniques did you use to improve your listening? (Page 143-148.)
  6. How does the text define critical listening? Did you engage in critical listening? (Pages 148-150.) Please explain the critical listening that you did. What type or types and what was/were the situation(s) that required it? What strategies from the text did you use?
  7. How does the text define empathic listening? Identify which empathic style(s) of you used from the list in the text?       Please provide examples. Comment on the effectiveness of your responses. (Pages 152-158.)
  8. Identify your strengths and weaknesses as a listener. In which situations were you most attentive? Why? In which situations were you less attentive? Why?
  9. In what ways were the communication situations affected by your listening behavior? What did you learn about yourself?
  10. Based on your analysis of this situation, state five personal goals for becoming a better listener; be specific


Understanding Human Communication, 9th edition or later, by Ronald B. Adler and George Rodman


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