List of Critical Success Factors

| July 27, 2015

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I would like to check for me the list of critical success factors which I got it from open end survey ( primary) . check it before I start interviewers 
I tried to cut from many answers.
I would like to make those factors clear and specific for each one. No overlapping between defiant factors, 
I would like to check it and If you can make it 10 to 15 specific factors., 
At the end I need between 10 to 15 specific factors. Not general. Each one specific.
Also if suggest to me any factor, you can add it or remove it.
I need list of critical success factors that will improve, implement lean construction in the Saudi Arabian construction industry

For any information. See order number 81349342 will see all file, and this will be objective number 3 .


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