Linguistics- semantics and syntax

| April 19, 2014

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4. Word semantics (30 marks)
Imagine that you are working on semantics with an 8 year old girl in mainstream school. You want to make sure that she really knows the meaning of some vocabulary that she will be using in another subject, including how to use the word and how its meaning is linked with other words. Choose three key vocabulary items from Science, History or R.E. to work on – the words can either be semantically linked to each other, or you can choose 3 separate words. Describe an activity you would do with the child in a classroom setting. You should include one or two of the following ideas (you do NOT need to include them all):
a. Synonymy
b. Antonymy
c. Polysemy
d. Hyponymy
e. Semantic features
f. Semantic networks
5. Syntax (54 marks)
For the following sentences:
a. Phrases – Draw a tree diagram showing clause, phrase and word level information for these sentences.
(2 marks for the clause level; 4 marks for the phrase level; and 2 marks for the word level. One point is deducted for each error from a maximum of 8 down to a minimum of 0 for each sentence)
b. Name the subcategorisation frame of the VP (i.e. transitive, transitive + PP, intransitive, intransitive + PP, dative, ditransitive, intransitive copula, or transitive copula).
(1 mark for each sentence)
i. That manager with the bald head will be awarding the prizes to his team.
ii. His team is splintering into smaller groups.
iii. The weight of the world is on his shoulders.
iv. He must have been feeling exhausted.
v. He was yawning every afternoon.
vi. The workload shocked him.
6. Sentence Semantics(36 marks)
For the same sentences as in 5, do a predicate-argument analysis of these sentences including the following:
a. Underline the predicate (6 marks: 1 mark for each sentence)
b. Put [ ]s around the arguments & ( )s around any non arguments (6 marks)
c. Write down the meaning schema (schematisation) which best fit each sentence. (12 marks: 2 for each sentence)
d. Assign thematic roles to the argument phrases. (12 marks)
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