Linguistic: Language Myths

| March 16, 2014

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Language Myth: 1, 7, 13
Meier article
Follow these guidelines in writing your reflection:
– A 1 paragraph summary of each assigned myth and the supplemental article (3-4 paragraphs total). Include only the most significant details in the summary: what the reading was about, what evidence was provided, and why the findings are consequential.
– A 2-3 paragraph analysis of the selection of readings. You may discuss a few readings together or focus on one reading in particular. Types of analysis are:
? Discuss how your thinking has changed
? Argue for or against something you read
? Identify similarities and differences among the readings
? Apply something you read to something you?ve seen or experienced
– A 1 paragraph conclusion of how the readings relate to the course. Identify specific connections you?re making to the lecture content, section content, and other course readings.
You should have at least 7 paragraphs total.
Myth 1:
Myth 7:
Myth 13:
Meier article:
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