Life Span Final

| May 21, 2015



The second half of the course, we focused on the adult section of the lifespan. We are all adults – at various points on that span. This means that we have had a lot of significant life experiences already (marriage, divorce, having children, experiencing the loss of loved ones, getting a job, changing careers, graduating from college – at least one time or for some more, and so forth). For this assignment, I want you to

1.) identify three developmental challenges or crises that you have experienced as an adult.

2.) Explain how you experienced that crisis psychologically (emotionally as well as cognitively) at that time,

3.) how you resolved the developmental crisis

4.) how you perceive, retrospectively, that crisis psychologically now (emotionally as well as cognitively) and

5.) if you would resolve the crisis differently if given another opportunity to go back in time given who you have evolved into now (in other words, a time travel option back to that moment).

6.) If you would have changed it – how so and why, If not, how come?

**This needs to be written from a 33 year old male perspective, thank you**

***should be no more than 3 pages. APA style. You do not have to speak in third person for this particular assignment. You may or may not have references. You do not need an abstract. You DO need a title page***
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