Life and death

| July 20, 2016

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Activity 1: Life and death


Task: Read some of the statistics presented on the Death Penalty Information Center’s Time on death row web page (2013). Discuss whether you feel we can balance the need for time to ensure that all avenues for appeal have been explored, with the certainty of the verdict, without giving those facing the death penalty the double sentence of life and death.


Debate: Add to the discussion with some facts (you’ll need to do a little research) on the average time American inmates facing execution spend on death row. Do you think that the tension and the ‘cruel and unusual’ nature of delays in capital punishment cases is above and beyond the capital sentence itself?

100 words only no referencing required. (article attached)

Restorative justice

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Inequality by Desing
Housing/homelessness as a social determinant of health in London borough of lambeth in relation to mental health


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