| September 30, 2015

Letter to a Legislator


Write a letter to your Legislator regarding the issue you selected for your issue paper. Go to http://www.rnaction.org, go under Issues, and then click on Health Care Reform “ Write your Legislator”, this will show you an example for writing to your congressman.  This is a letter that will actually be mailed following its review and grading by faculty.


Submit your letter in Word format under assignments when completed. Please submit at least two weeks prior to due date for review. 


Rubric for grading Letter to Congressman (15 points)


Obtain the correct address for the senator (1 point)

Correct format for addressing the letter (1 point)

Main text- Use of polite tone, trying to appeal to the senator’s own interest when addressing the issue (10 points)

Closing (1 point)

Punctuation and grammar (2 points)



The Honorable (full name)

(Room #) (Name) Senate Office Building

United States Senate

Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator ____________

Dear Representative _______________

To Your Representative:


The Honorable (full name)

(Room #) (Name) House Office Building

United States House of Representatives

Washington, DC 20515


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