Lesson planning in SIOP: From Theory to Practice

| March 25, 2014

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I need a 250 word one-on-one tutoring session with an ELL reader.
I have the observation with the ELL teacher. (I will attach it).Tell me what you think or change it up some if need be. Please make sure there are two lessons plans and use Nevada standards.
(a) Create a content-specific SIOP lesson plan using the SIOP Lesson Plan document provided that includes the following:
(i) Identified academic content and language objectives based on state standards.
(ii) Resources and materials.
(iii) Three to five varied best-practice learning experiences.
(iv) An assessment tool to measure the stated objective(s).
(b) Teach the lesson and administer the assessment.
(c) Review instructional decisions based on the results of those assessments and analyze student learning based on student feedback. Revise the original lesson plan based on your analysis, including new assessments.
b) Benchmark Assessment:
i) Write a 1,250 word essay that is informed by the practicum experience, including all elements of the SIOP lesson, your instructor observation, and the tutoring session. Include a rationale for the learning theories that were used to support the instructional design.
ii) Use standard essay format in APA style, including an introduction, conclusion, and title page. An abstract is required. Attach both the original and revised lesson plans, and the Observation and Tutoring Reflections.
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