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| October 17, 2015

Please follow the instructions
And do no. 5 in the requirement in attached

((( 5- Towards the end of the semester students will create a lesson plan for an 3000-4000 level undergraduate class on their selected topic.
A Draft to be submitted in the 11th week. Ie week of Nov. 4th. The lesson is to last 2 hours
The lesson plan should include;
• Objectives of the lesson
• At least 50 PP slides on the topic augmented with graphics. These should address the topic and objectives of the lesson.
Please note, the lesson is on the topic and not necessarily on the book you are reading.
• A list of at least 20 questions with answers that covers the whole lesson. So the undergraduates should be able to find the answers in the lesson presented
• An example of the lesson is the lessons we will have in the 1st 2 weeks)))

The book I choosed is ((Green petroleum: how oil and gas can be environmentally sustainable / edited by M.R. Islam, M.M. Khan, and A.B. Chhetri 2012))


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