| January 25, 2015

You grind the lenses shown in Fig. 34-53 from flat glass disks (n = 1.5) using a machine that can grind a radius of curvature of either 40 cm or 60 cm. In a lens where either radius is appropriate, 1lou select the 40 cm radius. Then you hold each lens in sunshine to form an image of the Sun. What are the (a)   focal length f and (b) image type(real or virtual) for (bi-convex )lens 1, (c) f and (d) image type for (plane-convex) lens 2,(e) f and (h) image type for (meniscus convex) lens 3, (g) f and (h) image type for (bi-concave) lens 4, (i) f and ( j) image type for (plane-concave) lens 5, and (k) f and (l) image type for (meniscus concave) lens 6?


Fig. 34-53

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