Legal/Ethical question (quick turnaround only serious inquiries only!!)

| September 21, 2016

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Legal/Ethical question (quick turnaround only serious inquiries only!!)
Legal Issue: Should university admissions policies be determined by court decision? Please review the following United States Supreme Court decision – Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin(2016):
(1) Would Federal or State Court be the appropriate forum for plaintiff’s claim? On what legal grounds was this case brought?
(2) Must the case be brought in the court you referenced in question 1above? Why?
(3) What is the basis for subject matter jurisdiction?
(4) What must the parties demonstrate to establish personal jurisdiction?
(5) Do you think that the U.S. legal system is the best forum for resolving a dispute regarding university admissions policies? Why or why not?
(6) What alternatives to the U.S. Legal System could you suggest for resolving this dispute?
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