legal responsibility that is explored in some depth, by mental health nurses.

| October 19, 2015


As a way of exploring safety issues in Mental health
• What safety issue, whether physical or emotional, concerns nurses most.
• Identify some of the stressors in their current environment
• Find one primary research article that examines this issue, read it and document a brief summary of the findings.
• In your summary mention one strategy identified from your reading that will help you to keep yourself safe from this risk.

Question 2 . Write a paragraph of 400 words on your understanding of the dilemma of providing information to carers while considering the confidentiality concerns relating to the patient/client. Don’t forget to consider the ethical implications in your consideration of the issues.

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Psychosocial Aspects of Substance Abuse/Dependence Treatments
How Organisational Commitment affects employee motivation

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