Legal & ethical environment of business

| March 23, 2015

Legal & ethical environment of business


I need these adjustments made on this assignment.


Notice of Incorporation- You need the name and address of the newspaper publisher for the legal organ in your county.  Since your business address is in Carrollton, the legal notice would go to “The Times-Georgian.”  You will need to get their address on Hays Mill Road.   In your company name, you do not have the “Corporation” suffix at the end, which is a legal requirement.  Be sure to add the “Corporation” or “Corp.” to the end.
You are missing the Transmittal Form for Georgia Corporations, Name Reservation Form, IRS Form SS-4, IRS Subchapter-S election Form, Bylaws, List of Checks, and Meeting Minutes from the First Organizational Meeting.  See Secretary of State’s website for the Transmittal Form, Name Reservation Form, and List of Checks.  See the IRS website for the SS-4 and Subchapter-S Election Form.  See my Overview of Business Entities video lecture (near the end) for instructions on preparing the Bylaws and Meeting Minutes.
This is the link for the business entities video.

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