Legal Environment of Business II

| January 31, 2015

The assignment is attached in a word document. Please answer the questions by mentioning which law it is. Also, it is very important to apply the facts to the law.
Remember: how colorado statutes deal with non-compete agreement?
1. Purchase of a businessor2. Trade secretsor3. Trainingor4. Management or executives.
The non-compete agreement in totally related to the answers.
Please, no grammar errors and no lack of punctuation.

Document Preview:
ASSIGNMENT #1 You have recently started your own business. You plan to take customers on ghost investigations of the old haunted mansion in town. You charge $300 per customer for an investigation. You’ve become so busy, you need to hire some help. Your friend, Mandy, needs a job and has a keen interest in the paranormal. You want to hire her as your employee, but you are concerned that in doing so she will learn the places you go, the investigation equipment you use and the stories that you tell. You fear she might start her own company to compete with yours. How can you protect yourself? Discuss each of the following. Be as detailed as you can from what we’ve learned thus far. Do not exceed two pages. How can you prevent her from taking the information she will learn and giving it to a competitor? (15 points) How can you prevent her from using the information to start her own company to compete with yours? (15 points) What language would you write into her employment contract to cover these concerns? (20 points)


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Create an ethical code of conduct for those in governance, management, and professional staff for any one of these health care organizations
please answer the two questions attached

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