LEG 505 Week 11 Discussion 1, Looking Back

| September 10, 2016

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LEG 505 Week 11 Discussion 1, Looking Back
Considering everything you have learned in this course, discuss the single most surprising or interesting lesson learned. Explain what made it so.
Summarize everything you have learned in this course in 140 characters or less (something you could post on Twitter).
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LEG 505 Week 11 Discussion 1, Looking Back
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LEG 505 Week xx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx Back
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LEG 505 xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xx Looking Back
Please respond to the xxxxxxxxxx
Considering everything you have xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxx discuss the single xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx interesting xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxx
xxxxxxxxx everything xxx xxxx xxxxxxx in this xxxxxx in 140 characters or less xxxxxxxxxx you xxxxx xxxx xx Twitter).
xxxxx from the beginning xx xxxx xxxxxx I xxxx xxxxxxx that xxxxxxxxx your business xxxx the xxxxxxx marketplace can be lucrative, and xxxxxxx numerous networking and xxxxxx opportunities. xxx xx xxxxxx that xxxxxxx x xxxxxxx contract xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx with laws xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx to those xxxxx xxxxxxxx with xxx government. Many xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx small businesses xxx unprepared for the rules and regulations xxxx must xxxxxxx which xxx lead xx costly errors and xxxxxxxxx legal xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx as a contractor, xxx xxxxxx become xxxxxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxxx provisions xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxx procurement xxxxxxxx
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