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| April 2, 2014

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Component B
The learning diary consists of 5 reflective reports of 900 words each
I wil attach extra information and guidance about it.
Each entry should
Identify a process, procedure or practice of management communication and decision making from the area you wish to reflect upon
Critically analyse theoretical frameworks used in the study of that aspect of organisational communication and decision making ( a minimum of 2 sources should be referenced and included.)
Include evidence of critical reflection on your own experience of communication and decision making in organisations . You may use experiences from your learning set or draw on external experiences.
A concluding paragraph emphasing your own learning outcomes and how these might be applied in future.
Format of your learning diary:
Must be Word – Processed
Must be 900 – 1000words long.
The total number of words and your student number has to be clearly stated on each report.
Word count includes everything( tables, quotes, lists etc. ) but not references or appendices
Appendices may be included for reference but will not be marked
You must use UWE’s pro-forma front cover for the final portfolio submission.
You must use UWE’s Harvard referencing system. Failure to adhere to this system will result in a 3% deduction from your mark.
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Graduate school or not
This paper should use economics and econometrics models and data to analyze and depict the essence of the study


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