Lean Management

| May 14, 2016

Organisations that can be used as a basis for this assignment include:- A Hotel A Bank A Local Government Department A Manufacturing Company A Hospital A Transport Company A Warehouse and Distribution Company A Shipping Company(We have already use this in assignment 1 so don’t use it again) A Contact Centre A Software Company A Business Process Outsourcing Company A Charitable Organisation A Restaurant Chain LEAN MANAGEMENT This assignment is designed to enable you to conduct a review of the academic literature on the subject of Lean Management and apply it in an Operational setting, to an organisation of your choice. You might already have worked for such an organisation or a friend or relative may work for such an organisation. Please choose from the list provided. If you are unable to use an organisation that you have worked for you will have to research books and journals and talk to colleagues to understand how an organisation of the type you choose would operate. Within a report format answer the following questions: 1. Select an organisation from the list provided, different to the one you used in Assignment 1, and prepare a description of • The main products and services they would provide. • Who are their main customers? • What are the order qualifiers and winners for the company? (10% of word count) 2. Describe the main operational processes that are needed to deliver those products and services. (25% of word count) 3. Prepare a review the literature available on the subject of Lean Management identifying the concepts, application and frameworks available in general, and appropriate for an organisation similar to the type you have chosen. Discuss the authors, their views on the subject, their frameworks. What operational benefits would you expect to see to see from introducing Lean Management? Describe the ways you feel the Lean Management concepts might help an organisation to select and integrate suppliers into their processes. (40% word count) 4. Describe how you would expect to see the concepts you have identified within your chosen Lean Management framework operating, in practical terms, within the organisation you have chosen. What would you expect to be the challenges that would have to be overcome for the implementation to succeed? (25%) Target word count 2500 words ± 10%

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