Leadership in Practical Theology

| February 14, 2014

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This is a Fifteen-twenty pages paper about the transforming leadership for the course of “Administration and Leadership.”
Read both the Burns and Everist/Nessan Transforming Leadership (see booklist below).
1. The paper should demonstrate a the capacity of the student to read both ?church-focused?
texts and secular texts through a theological lens.
2. The paper should also demonstrate the student?s capacity to put the texts into conversation with one another and distill from them a synthetic, integrated and operable approach to transforming leadership.
3. The insights of the paper are intended to develop personal insight as well as make a contribution to the way in which the field is understood and taught at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.
-Briefly narrate the important points from both books that you will use in your analysis.
-Be clear about the purpose of leadership, the methods and the ends
which the authors address.
-Place the authors into conversation with each other by comparing and contrasting their approaches to transforming leadership.
Begin to develop a critique of their work from a theological point of view.
-Based on your developing theology of leadership and the ecclesiology in which you live out your vocation, distill a synthetic, integrated and operable approach to leadership from these authors as well as, where appropriate and necessary, adding your own rubrics where they seem to be missing or insufficient in the texts.
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