Leadership in A Global society

| October 27, 2015

5 page paper not including reference or title page on leadership characteristics that are important to leading in a global society.



Specifically, pick one quality from each of the five dimensions: one from Imagination, Synergy, Constructive, Principled, and Virtuous. These will form the basis of your ideal leader in a global society. Be sure to explain what the qualities actually mean. In your paper, you will 1) identify and explain qualities of culturally diverse leadership as instructed above 2) explain why the qualities you have chosen are important in leading in a global society and how they translate across cultures, 3) explain the short and long term implications of having or not having those competencies, 4) use real world examples to show how these competencies or lack thereof have made an impact on a particular leader (local or global) 5) explain how you would gain and/or use these qualities in your own pursuits, and the specific steps you have taken to achieve them.  Additional Notes This assignment requires research, so I fully expect that you will cite all sources appropriately and correctly per APA standards. Your paper must have at least five (5) scholarly references. I expect that all the rules of grammar will be attended to, there will be no typos or spelling errors, collegiate tone and language will be used, and proper sentence structure, transitions, and appropriate word choice will be employed. Be specific and clear with your explanations, and clearly show connections between ideas and course material. These expectations and assignment guidelines will formulate the rubric for the assignment (which will be provided during Week 6 in its full form). As with any work in this course, excellence is the standard. Use specific examples to illustrate your points, and do not generalize or attempt to speak for others. Make sure that any assertions or claims are supported by scholarly references (evidence). Per the student handbook and noted in the syllabus: When direct quotations are used, they should be indicated, and when the ideas, theories, data, figures, graphs, programs, electronic based information or illustrations of someone other than the student are incorporated into a paper or used in a project, they should be duly acknowledged

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