Leadership essay for business school application

| August 21, 2015

Leadership essay for business school application

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DO as much as research as you can and start to work on the essay. Please make sure the content is convincing and strong.

Please write an essay (500 word max) that addresses the following:

Sometime strengths can be overdone. Describe a time when your strengths held you and your team back as you worked to complete a recent project.
Using your reflection, how would you do the same project differently if given a second chance?
How will you use these insights to benefit future teams of which you are a part?

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In the role of a marketing consultant produce a marketing research report for the East Midlands Trains
Consider the start of the supply chain connecting suppliers and the manufacturing plant. How they are integrated within JLR to enable the flow of materials between them and the plant, what systems are in place, how suppliers are selected.

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