Leadership Development Consulting Firm

| May 18, 2015

Leadership Development Consulting Firm

The Consulting Business Plan should include the following items:
Executive Summary
General Company Description
Name and location
Nature and primary product or service of the business
Current status
Legal form of organization
Products and/or services
Description of products and/or services
Superior features or advantages relative to competing products or services
Any available legal protection – patents, copyrights, trademarks
Dangers of technical or style obsolescence
Marketing Plan
Analysis of target market and profile of target customer
How customers will be identified and attracted
Selling approach, types of sales force, and distribution channels
Types of sales promotion and advertising
Credit and pricing polices (if applicable at this point)
Management Plan
Management – Team Members and their qualifications
Other investors and/or directors and their qualifications
Outside resource people and their qualifications
Plans for recruiting and training employees
Operating Plan (if applicable)
Operating or manufacturing methods used to produce the product or service
Description of operating facilities (location, space, equipment)
Quality-control methods to be used
Procedures used to control inventory and operations
Sources of supply and purchasing procedures
Financial plan
Revenue and expense projections for three years
Anticipated financial forecasting
List any additional attachments, tables, charts, and/or figures here

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