Leadership Challenge: Application of Theory to Leadership Practice

| July 15, 2016

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Leadership Challenge: Application of Theory to Leadership Practice


a 6 page (excluding title and reference) case analysis paper; that briefly describes the situation, defines and applies 3 classical leadership theories to the situation (Transformational leadership, charismatic leadership, transactional leadership… ) , apply the selected leadership theories to your situation, and reflect on the insights gained from this assignment.


A well-constructed paper will reference 4 or more scholarly sources including 3 journal articles, and adhere to APA standards. Northouse is the author to text.


Classical and contemporary leadership theories offer leaders a “toolbox” of approaches and solutions that can enhance their leadership effectiveness in addressing organizational issues. In this assignment, you will analyze the value of different leadership approaches in resolving a real-world issue. In essence, your leadership challenge is a case study in which you will assess the effectiveness and impact of applying three different leadership theories or model

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