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| July 26, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Writing assignment will be a research-based report that addresses a problem or issue within an organization. For this assignment, you will write a report of 2000-3000 words on a problem or issue within your workplace or community.


You will identify a problem or issue within your organization. This may be a current place of employment or a community group, such as a church, school, homeowner's

association, daycare, recreation center, soccer team, or other group.


You will then include the following in the report:

– define the problem persuasively and accurately

– propose a solution or solutions to the problem or issue

– present that solution to a decision-maker or group of decision-makers who can implement the recommendation.


The report will include the following components:

– executive summary

– transmittal letter or memo

– table of contents

– introduction

– body of the report to include headings and subheadings

– conclusion stated as a recommendation for implementation of the solution

– References page, with references listed in APA format


The complete report should be 2000-3000 words, not including the list of references. The purpose of establishing a word count is to ensure the topic chosen is neither too big nor too small.

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