Leadership and YOU

| June 19, 2015

Leadership and YOU

Many graduate job application forms require applicants to reflect on their own understandings and experiences in order to demonstrate leadership skills. This assignment is your chance to practice this kind of reflection within a theoretical framework.You are asked to combine your reflective practice with a critical analysis of the theories and material you have encountered on this course.
In 1000 words excluding references, identifya time in your own life that required the practiceof self-leadershipon your part.

How do theories of power help you understand your self- leadership practice?


In your answer, you should
1)Include a brief description of your experience

2)Briefly reflect on your actions of self-leadership (you can include more detail in your appendices if you want).

3) Explore how you might use theories of powerto explain how your actions and sense-making are enabled or restrained in this context.

4) Copy out a version of the Leadership Development Plan on self-leadership from page 299 of the course text, and include it as an appendix to your short answer question.


Some general guidelines


• Be specific about how you practised self-leadership!
• You should refer to specific theories and authors that you have encountered during your reading to substantiate your claims. Make sure that you analyse, rather than just reiterate the claims of these authors.
• Be sure to reference any of your sources appropriately!
Guidelines are available on ELE and via the library.



This is your opportunity to demonstrate the critical thinking skills which show a deeper understanding and analysis of the materials discussed in this module. Higher marks will be given to answers which show critical analysis of your leadership practice.
Assignments which are merely descriptive (that describe, but do not question or evaluate) will receive lower marks.
For example:
• If you refer to a specific leadership practice, perspective or theory, what assumption(s) is the practice/perspective/theory based on?
• Are there circumstances when your chosen actions might not be appropriate?
• Might the actions you have selected prevent you from exploring or addressing the challenge in other ways?

Make Links

Your answer should link your self-leadership reflections to the ideas and theories we have discussed in the module. How might the perspectives you explore help you to address your chosen challenge and improve your self-leadership?


You have a very limited word count for this assignment. You cannot address all the relevant issues.

• Be focused, and make sure your words count!
• Be careful in your choices about what to ‘keep in’ and what to
‘leave out’.
• Give preference to analytical depth over descriptive breadth.
• Choose carefully how you complete the assignment. Make sure your answer is carefully structured and written in a professional, academic tone.Remember to think through your introduction and conclusion.

References and Word Count

• Your word limit is 1000 words, +/- 10%
• Word limit includes in-text references and citations, but does
NOT include your bibliography or appendices).
• You MUST attach your self-leadership development plan to your assignment
• You may attach as many appendices to your assignment as you like – if they contribute as supporting material to your
• Make sure you include appendices and reference list at the back
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