Leadership and Organizational Behavior: ASARCO

| May 21, 2014

Leadership skills in the management of any company are fundamental in its corporate proliferation. In order to influence subordinate behavior successfully in ASARCO, there is need for high-level leadership skills incorporated in the organizational character of the company in order to promote teamwork, good working conditions, employee performance, and productivity. ASARCO was one of the largest multinational companies in the US, an enormous corporation that was run by one of the powerful US families called the Guggenheims since 1881. The company was founded on sufficient capital, reliable workforce, competent management with good working relations, and a stable market for its minerals. However, the company has been largely affected by bad leadership, mismanagement, and poor working conditions for its employees. In effect this research has identified various literatures in order to establish a scholarly material to help postulate substantial solutions out of the crisis.

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