Leadership and Management. Summative Assessment: Individual Report Base your summative individual report on of the following Erin Brockovich film

| March 29, 2014

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Summative Assessment: Individual Report
Base your summative individual report on ONE of the following two in-class films:
1) Erin Brockovich
Introduce your report making clear your choice of film and character(s) for analysis (you may chose to focus on one character OR on more than one character from your chosen film, so long as you make clear your choice in your introduction).
Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the leadership and management approach to the organisational challenge presented in your chosen film. In your evaluation, identify and apply to film evidence two (or more) relevant concepts (e.g., theories, models, frameworks) presented in class sessions. Discuss to what extent the leadership and management approach(es) displayed are effective for the challenges confronted.
Conclude your report giving consideration to the general appropriateness of the approaches displayed for the organisational challenges of the 21st Century.
Citations and the reference list should follow the Harvard System.
The report should be 2000 (minimum) to 3000 (maximum) words in length excluding the reference list and any appendices.
An electronic version should be posted to the TurnItIn box on StudySpace to enable electronic marking and checks of the word count and similarity with other available sources.
Marking Criteria for Summative Individual Report (see also illustrative tables for understanding feedback in section 4.2 above)
• Clarity of presentation, structure (including appropriate introduction and conclusion sections) and style
• Selection, application and referencing of appropriate ‘Leadership and Management’ concepts (e.g., theories, models and frameworks) relevant to your choice of film
• Use of specific evidence from your chosen film to support your choice of Leadership and Management concepts
• Critical appraisal and analysis including internal consistency of your reasoning throughout the assignment
• Adherence to the word limit
• Reference to a minimum of ten academic sources (with ALL references to the core module textbook counting as ONE source only).
Academic Misconduct
Whilst you are encouraged to discuss the films, suitable evidence, theories and concepts with your peers, it is important to note that these are individual assignments and must be your own work. We recommend that you are careful to take your own notes and write in your own words, and do not send final copies of assignments to your classmates.

If you have any questions about your assignment, including but not limited to concerns about plagiarism, please speak to a member of the module team in good time prior to assignment submission.
TWO references from 6 Feb session and ONE reference from EITHER 13 OR 27 Feb session.
The summative assessment is an extension, rather than a repetition, of the formative assessment. You MUST draw on theoretical material from both teaching blocks at least equally or, better yet, with more emphasis on material from TB2 as the summative assessment focusses on leadership in context.
I have also stipulated repeatedly that you MUST cite material from the lecture on 6 February (two references) as well as the two practitioner sessions this TB (one reference from each).
Using too much of any source will result in a lower grade as this is not a strong way of writing. Should you wish to use one or two selected and short passages from your formative assessment, then you simply refer to yourself in the normal way by author surname and date (e.g., Butler (2014) argues…. or It has been argued (Butler, 2014). In your reference list, you should write:
Butler, C. (2014). Devil Wears Prada: A leadership analysis. Unpublished manuscript, Kingston University.
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