Law of Evidence

| February 12, 2014

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Citing appropriate research, cases or examples advise in no more than 2,500 words on the evident issues for consideration arising out of the following facts:
Pat leaves her husband, Rodney, and goes to live with George and his twelve 12 year old son, Bart.
Rodney and his brother, Delroy, are jointly charged with assaulting Bart, seriously wounding George, and attempting to kidnap Pat.
The prosecution intend to call as eye-witnesses to all the offences:
Bart, and
Scott, a neighbor, to testify that George told him immediately after the incident, ‘Rod’s brother stabbed me while he grabbed the child. I could hear Pat screaming after what they had done to her. I’m finished now; look after my boy…..’ George then lapsed into a coma from which he has not yet recovered.
Rodney and Delroy both wish to call Delroy’s wife, Denise, to give evidence in their defense. Denise is estranged from Delroy and is reluctant to testify for the defense.
Remember that the work you submit must be entirely your own otherwise you will be guilty of cheating and/or plagiarism under the Assessment Regulations. Note carefully the declaration printed on the cover sheet which you have to sign before you hand in your work. If you are in doubt as to what is cheating and plagiarism, re-read the University Regulations and the guidance notes attached to this coursework.
In the past students have been caught cheating and/or plagiarisim which is an academic offence. The penalties are severe and includes disciplinary action. You are putting your academic career in jeopardy if you cheat or plagiarize
Instructions to students:
Consider the Assessment criteria:
The answer should be able to demonstrate that the student has:
Identified the legal issues arising from the above facts in the scenario;
Identified and applied appropriate legislation or case law in the answer;
Provided a well structured and balanced answer considering strengths and weaknesses in the legal arguments cited;
Made use of good grammar and punctuation. Good clarity of English language and expression. Engaging style. Adhered to OSCOLA, and
Advice on the facts derived from research from a variety of both primary and secondary sources.
Consider the Learning Outcomes of this Unit: see the excerpt from the Unit Information Form (UIF)
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