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| October 16, 2015

A personal banker’s laptop hard drive was nearly full to capacity. All of the data from the old hard drive was copied by an IT technician to a new hard drive that had twice the storage space. Then, the technician installed the new hard drive in the laptop. After the user verified that all of his information was present on the new drive, the old drive was tossed into the garbage. A few weeks later, many costumers started reporting to the bank that there had been fraudulent charges to their accounts. The bank started seeing a common trend. This seemed to happen to customers that had information on the discarded hard drive. It was investigated and verified that the proper hard drive disposal policy of the bank was not followed and as a result, the drive was retrieved and the information was stolen. The technician that did not follow the policy was also identified. In 200–400 words discuss the following: Who is responsible to the customer, the bank or the technician? Why is this? What legal issues can occur from dumpster diving? How can you prevent dumpster diving?

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