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| March 29, 2020


Read the NHTSA’s “Crash Risk” study. Prepare a 1200 word peer-review article analysis to include the following points. Be sure to cite a minimum of three all sources. A title and reference page are required and do not count towards word count.

  • Describe what a population-based case-control study is and why it is appropriate to use for this type of study.
  • Summarize the statistical data presented in the article and how it relates to other data studied in this course.
  • Discuss both the results of the study and how the results compare to other studies mentioned in the article. What factors impact these results? Be sure to address each of the following factors:
    • Data collection methodology
    • Alcohol use
    • Marijuana use
    • Multi-substance use
    • Driver demographics
    • Sample population

How do the results effect your understanding of traffic crash risks?

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