Law and Ethics in Nursing

| March 22, 2015

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Discuss each of the three people outlined in the case study in relation to the 3 ethical schools of thinking being deontology, teleology,virtue. meta ethics, normative ethics practical ethics. Also in relation to the 5 ethical principles being Veracity, autonomy, non maleficence,beneficence,justice: distributive and restorative. Also relate the three peoples actions to the Australian healthcare charter as well as the professional code of conduct and the code of ethics. Some sources to get information include Health quality complaints commission and the health rights commission act. With the references they need to be quality references including journal articles dated no earlier than 2009. Must have a clear and logical flow throughout the essay including the introduction which states how the essay will read and a conclusion summing up all the points in the essay with no new information being introduced into the conclusion. please see attached case scenario and assessment marking criteria.
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Assess the hierarchical structure of the court system in England and Wales. To what extent does the common law doctrine of binding precedent engage with this structure?


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