4th wk. Latin American Citizenship Models

| November 19, 2015

Whereas European citizenship models comprise different combinations of jus sanguinis (or: ius sanguinis) and jus soli (or: ius soli), the Latin American models are more characterized by jus soli.
Give a brief depiction of the citizenship models in Latin American countries and discuss why this is the case.
Instructions for the NinjaEssays-writer:
Please confer all of the uploaded documents before you start writing. It is extremely important that every theory is well documented and cited! It is absolutely crucial for the assignment that you use the references I have listed in the uploaded instructions, and other literature from the course curriculum (also uploaded). And, by all means, avoid citing works that haven’t been consulted! If you make something up along the way, please do not cite an author as if you have read it somewhere else.

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15 pages long (double spaced, Arial-12. Extremism, violence and political change
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