Laramie Writing Project

| September 26, 2015

Laramie Writing Project

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Laramie Writing Project

1.I have decided my topic or theme with the paper,about “ live& let live”
Maybe my idea is extreme, everyone let himself as spectator or just one of the witness, however they have ability to prevent something happened, buy they didn’t. Why?
Please focus on at least two character from the book (suggestion: Galloway/ Debree)

this maybe a good thought to pursue; consider studying the two moments titled “ live & let live” what does this mean as an ideology

2. please read the paper requirement doc. carefully( the files have uploaded)you well know what’s going on about this paper,you can not just write a plot summary with the book “Laramie project”.   But you need to understand this book, because you need to write some particulars, your paper is base on the Laramie Project, so you have to prepare before you writing.

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