Language Teacher’s Evaluation by their Students (through a questionnaire/survey)

| April 21, 2014

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The type of paper I want you to write is a ‘Literature Review’
What is a literature review?
– A Literature Review brings all the research done regarding this topic together: What did the previous researchers say regarding this topic?
– Language Teacher’s Evaluation by Their Students (through a questionnaire/survey)
• Language teacher in higher education colleges specifically
– Please see the uploaded documents: They contain a few examples of the type of sources you can use
– References:
• Use mostly sources from 2000 – 2014 (only a few from the 1990’s can be used)
• More than one source to backup facts stated in the paper
• Have a variety of references
• Clear references
• Take a picture/screenshot of the sources used ( Ex. books & journals used)
• Have a copy of all sources used
– Use: Articles/ Journals/ Books/ Electronic Library sources/ Reputable websites
– Don’t use more than 6 internet sources out of the 20 sources/references I requested.
– Citation is important: For example if you state this sentence in the literature review: “Most researchers state that multi-evaluation tools is better than one tool”, you should have sources to cite to backup this claim.
– 6 pages in length
– Last page should be a bibliography containing all the references used
Things to talk about:
– Talk about history of language teacher’s evaluations
– The relationship between the result of the student evaluations and the professional development of language teachers.
– The benefits of a teachers evaluation is that it improves the teacher’s performance through professional development (such as having Workshops for teachers on how to teach vocabulary, grammar, and properly present to your student’s)
– The result of the student’s evaluation is to be used to decide whether the teacher needs improvement
– Are students capable of evaluation their language teacher?
• Language teachers teach students skills such as writing, reading, speaking, and listening. So do the students have the ability to even evaluate the teachers in this regard?
• These skills require special methods to teach them so in addition to student evaluations, teachers need evaluations by specialists or professionals (such as the head of the department) to evaluate them on whether they are using proper methods
• Students can evaluate the teachers generally but not specifically regarding whether they are using the proper teaching methods to teach the skills mentioned above.
– Tools of evaluating language teachers in higher education (colleges): Here are some examples of tools: student evaluations, having observers come and observe teachers while they are teaching students, etc…
– The importance of a ‘Written’ portion in the teacher survey/evaluation given to students
• Is it important to have a ‘Written’ portion in the survey/evaluation?
• Maybe it gives students the freedom to express themselves more than having them just rate their teachers on a scale of 1-10.
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