Language (Korean) and gender (sexism in language, conversational styles)

| February 16, 2014

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Language(Korean)and gender(sexism in language, conversational styles)
Do not write about just Korean language.
I need the language relate with gender subject.
Keep in mind that you address issues from the two perspectives, a universal or cross-cultural perspective and a culture-specific perspective.
You should compare Korean with another language. How are they similar and/or different? What makes the similarities and differences between the two cultures.
Support your ideas/discussion with specific examples of language use/practices from Korean and other languages.
Use whatever sources and resources you can get. Put quotation makers (" . . .") for the words and phrases you take verbatum from other sources than your own. Make sure you cite your sources properly.
Make sure you specify the year of publication and if possible page numbers: E.g. White (1987: 245-7)
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