Land use evaluation

| March 22, 2015

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Hi I want you to write this land use evaluation and its going to be about Gahanna, Ohio USA
here is the link that you can accesses its the Municipal code library website:
here is the steps:
Land Use Evaluation
Step 1: Access a Land Use Planning Document
City, Township, County or Parish Ordinances
Comprehensive Plan
Special District Plan including Enterprise Zones
Growth Management Plan
Etc. (if in doubt, run it by Dr. Fitch)
Step 2: Read/review the document
Step 3: Identify the Purpose and Goals of the document
Step 4: Write an Executive Summary of the Document (one or two paragraphs)
Step 5: Identify the key land use types controlled under this document (one to
three paragraphs)
Step 6: Identify the key land control mechanisms described in the document
(one to three paragraphs)
Step 7: Identify the mechanisms for securing exemptions/waivers to the
ordinances/guidelines/regulations. Is there a body/organization which acts as a
governing body and to which appeals may be made or are such appeals handled
exclusively by the planning authority? (one to two paragraphs)
Step 8: Review/access the completeness/comprehensiveness of the document.
Identify mechanisms (where applicable) for amending the document (one
Step 9: Is it a stand-alone document/set of rules or does it tie into other
resources, e.g. maps, databases, other regulatory codes (one paragraph)
Step 10: Review the document for it adherence to principles of good planning,
ease of use (can it be understood by non-professionals) and overall
readability, i.e. evaluate its ?user friendliness? (one paragraph)..
Step 11: Comment of any features of interests, glaring omissions, etc. Evaluate
(give opinion) on why this is a useful document or not and whether or not it
adequately meets its identified goals, objectives, purpose(s) etc. (one to
three paragraphs).
Step 12: Write up a cover sheet: Starting on the top margin on the left side
Your Name;
ENVS 350 ? Land Use Evaluation #_
Name of the Document Reviewed/Evaluated
Dr. Eric Fitch
Date: Term:
Step 13: Write up, edit, print and submit. Land use evaluations should run 3 to
5 pages in length. Single sided. Typed/printed 1 ½ to 2 spacing. 1 inch
margins/ border. 10 to 12 point font.
Step 14: Submit when due
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Assessment 1: Environmental logbook
Project Summary Draft


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