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| February 17, 2014

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Dear writer please use the references from Australia, Toowoomba and from what I attached to you. – Use this site to get information you find much information about the population,Houses,employment…etc. – Add some photos to the report. Furthermore, please also use the houses which I attached to make compare with land.
Sample Paper
Before Shane Simmons purchases a house and land for private residence, a valuation report appraisal will have to be prepared using the comparable sales method. The value of a house is estimated by comparable sales approach (CSA) through comparison of similar properties which were sold recently and are located in similar regions. The approach assumes that the worth of a property is what it sells for in a reasonable time period without the presence of undue stress. The client has already located the property whose street address is 39 Lavarack St, Darling Heights, Toowoomba. In addition, the legal description is Lot 7 on Sp 16426913, Parish of Drayton. This document provides a valuation report appraisal of the above property based on comparisons made on similar properties located in the region. The table 1 below represents some similar attributes of the properties located within this particular area……ORDER NOW…….
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