| October 16, 2015

Movie Critique: After a review of the video Norma Rae you will develop a movie critique and identify the components of union activity illustrated in the movie. .

Section One: Discussion of the story of Norma Rae   This section should be a synopsis of the movie. ( 20 points)

Section Two: Union Activities   Identify the union activities and the specific scenes in the movie that illustrate union organizing, the “card campaign”, the National Labor Relations Board, Union Busting, the role of the national Union, and cultural issues that led to the success of the union. Also, discuss the adversarial and other factors that could have led to the union organizing campaign not being successful. (50 points)

Section Three: Conclusion

This is a summary of the lessons YOU learned about unions and Norma Rae. Include information about who was Norma Rae and her life from your research. (20 points)


This paper should be approximately three (3) single spaced pages in length. Use appropriate grammar and style (APA)

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